How to use the Colours

Colours Can do Wonders

Colours make the world a better place - colour reflect our thoughts, our moods and sets the tone for the surroundings we love. From the shades nature created in all hues to the finer palettes we paint, colours add harmony, enhance our spaces and define us and our homes, adding ambience, elegance, soothing vistas and cool shades.
Categorised into Vibrant, Cool Calm, Fresh and Warm, specific colour combinations can light up your home and your office.

Warm Neutrals

Work with warm Reds, Oranges, Yellows to reflect the serenity, the strength and the beauty of the earth, enabling us to create vibrant vistas of character. Copper, brick and rust are warm earth shades that can reduce dimensions and make a room look much smaller than it actually is.

Vibrant and Cheerful

Brighten up and add cheerful colours to set a room, pantry or any other space, alight with a splash of colour. A veil of colour stroking the walls of your favourite room can add that right blend of atmosphere and enhance the look.

Fresh Neutrals

The natural neutral such as green shades of Lime, Lemon, Olives team up with tangerines ensure serenity and a quiet , restful ambiance that soothes and welcomes tired souls. Pure and chic, modern yet relaxing, these shades bring the sparkle of the outdoors, in to reflect moods of laughter and space.

Cool Calm

The sparkle of the ocean, the cystal clear streams that gush through blue mountains, are reflected in the serene and calm shades of blue ; aquatic tones that are soft, subtle and elegant, adding minimalist edge to cool interiors, giving spaces for you to rest and relax in after a hard day’s work.