Multilac Launches Water-Proofing 2K Sealer & Water Proofing 2k Putty To Put An End To Dampness And Leaks In The Construction Industry

Sri Lanka’s leading surface solutions brand and the largest exporter of paints, Multilac, has improved further on its already pioneering water proofing product range with the launch of two brand new water proofing products to the Sri Lankan market. Multilac Water Proofing 2K Sealer and Multilac Water Proofing 2K Putty are two latest breakthrough products, which will bring an end to night mare to any builder, home owner for all dampness and leaks.
Multilac Water Proofing 2K Sealer and the Multilac Water Proofing 2K Putty were conceptualized for home owners who were fed up of water seepage damaging their walls and eventually leading to unsightly damp patches. In Sri Lanka today most of the buildings are deteriorating due to water leakage and water seepage, making it very hard to find a house or building without this problem. This seepage and leakage problem is inevitable due to the poor reinforced and construction techniques used traditionally. Our new products fight all these water seepage related problems to banish unsightly damp and leaks in the walls, slabs, basements, soffits, toilets etc from your homes and buildings. Multilac remains committed to needs of the people of the nation and our need specific products have therefore created a loyal customer base.
The spectacular Multilac Water Proofing 2K Putty is a 100% solid repair polymer material that can bridge cracks on concrete or floors without shrinkage and used to seal cracks in walls.  Multilac Water Proofing 2K Putty can bridge cracks well to form a tough and durable joint and when dried, acts as a water proofing barrier. It is low a VOC product, penetrates deep into cracks in concrete and masonry surfaces, cures tough water resistant coating and is formulated without Lead, Chromate or Mercury components, making it environmentally friendly. The usage of this Water Proofing 2K Putty too is simple. All you have to do is clean the crack to free it from loose concrete, oil, grease, dust, and remove any algal growth before application. The surface dries in 3 hours.
The Multilac Water Proofing 2K Sealer is a high performance coating. Houses and buildings that are built on wetlands have damp water rising walls and wet floors. This happens due to vertical flow of ground water through permeable wall structure or floor.  By applying coat of Multilac Water proofing 2K sealer, you will be able to create impermeable barrier against rising dampness on walls or floors. It can be applied on concrete and masonry surfaces in aggressive environments such as water storage tanks and internal pipe surfaces. This product is equally effective at penetrating, reinforcing and sealing concrete and masonry surfaces in all industrial environments. This can be applied on concrete, cement blocks, natural stones, gypsum boards, statues, walls, pottery, eco bricks, bricks, asbestos, foundation DPC, water tank inner walls, underground water sumps and on damp walls. In the coastal belt, walls, concrete columns and slabs are prone to contact sea spray, resulting in the decay, even on concrete structures, but Multilac Water Proofing 2K Sealer eradicates this problem and increases the lifespan of your property, virtually making your construction water proof!
Dampness is often found on inner or outer walls enclosing a bathroom due to laying tiles on untreated surface or inadequate waterproofing system applied on to the surface. In order to prevent water seepage from bathrooms, it is highly recommended to apply a coat of Multilac Water Proofing 2K Sealer before the wall tiles or floor tiles are laid on the surface, the inner and the outer walls, soffit or the slab above.
These products offer ease of application. Application is possible by airless spray, brush or roller. Drying time is generally related to air circulates, temperature, film thickness and number of coats and will be affected correspondingly.

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