Multilac Platinum Magic

Multilac Platinum Magic Special Effects Emulsion is a high quality, acrylic and co-polymer based emulsion for interior application. This paint can combine all of your favorite colors, to give you imaginative walls. it's the first of it's kind, many colors in a single bucket. 

Product Description

Multilac Platinum Magic is used to bring a rich, vibrant and unparalleled look to your home or building. The diverse color range that is produced especially for Multilac Platinum Magic enables you to create exceptional walls. 

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You could apply Multilac Platinum Magic on your existing walls. The background color can be changed according to customers preference. Select the background color from Multilac Premium Sheen Emulsion color card, Multilac Platinum Shimmer Pearl Effects color card or Multilac Platinum Omnis Royal Silk or Rich matt shades. 


Lightly stir the paint with a spoon before using and apply in a mopping motion using a Multilac Platinum Magic brush.