Multilac Suprem life Weather Plus Dirt Shield Exterior Emulsion

Special-Acrylic-Emulsion-based decorative Wall-Paint for exterior use.

Product Description

Multilac Supreme life Weather Plus Dirt Shield Exterior emulsion is formulated to provide a long lasting protection and weather proofing to the exterior walls. This is developed with an excellent dirt pick up resistant property which allows to remove any type of stain including dirt, dust, grease due to its superior wash-ability.

Provides excellent water, chemical & abrasion resistance. Excellent UV protection and contains weather resistant light fast pigments with fungus and mould retarding additives to protect the surfaces for years. Excellent dirt pickup resistance

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Method of Application:

Preferably by brush or roller. Can also be sprayed.

Cleaning of Tools:
Brush and other tools must be cleaned with soap water immediately.

Covering Capacity:
100 Sq.ft / liter (depending on surface)

Drying Time:
Surface dry 15 minutes, hard dry 30 minutes

Suitable Surface and their Preparation:
The surface must be dry, free from dust and other such separable substances that may prevent good adhesion.
In most instances, problems are faced by users, specifically in exterior paints, due to negligence in properly preparing the surface to be applied. It is very important that the surface must be cleaned of all mould growth and are free from algae.
It is better to apply Weather Guard flexible elastomeric wall primer & Alkali resistant clear wall sealer as under coats to prevent the alkali changes which may occur to the top coat and for a better finish.


Technical Assistance:

As it is impossible to list herein the wide variety of substrates and their specific problems, please request our technical assistance in case of queries.

Please Note: 
All suggestions and application instructions herein are based on our latest technical experience. Due to the wide variety of individual project conditions, we cannot be held responsible for their content.