About Us

Nothing lasts forever but our passion is to provide paints and applications to all surfaces that would stand the test of time. Within 25 years of operation we have taken global giants on and our milestones have been many.

  • We commenced manufacturing and marketing paints in 1981.
  • We received the SLS mark in 2004
  • We complie with ISO 9001: 2015.
  • We introduced Colouris France revolutionizing the industry and offering unlimited option to the consumer. (Show us a colour and we will give it in a tin).
  • Among the many accolades awarded to Multilac, it is noteworthy to mention the Export Brand of the year, Best Sri Lankan enterprise and the Presidential Export award. 
  • As the largest paint exporter, we are proud to have put Sri Lanka on the world map by exporting our products to China, Australia, India, Maldives and Myanmar.

The research and development team at Multilac have put their heads together to provide solutions here in our own country by collaborating with our partners- BASF and Beyer of Germany, Rohm & Haas, USA, GoodYear Pliolite & Eliokem France, and have tomorrow's technology today. The M1 contractors in the country are using Multilac as it is guaranteed to deliver its promise.

In an industry where innovation must infuse with a clear focus on customer needs and  and technology, Multilac has emerged an industry leader, bringing it all together, paving the way for a proudly Sri Lankan made product that meets the stringent quality standards of the global market place.  

For the last 25 years, Multilac has been at the forefront of the paints and surface coatings industry in Sri Lanka. Proudly Sri Lankan, yet renowned for international quality products, Multilac has carved a role for its commitment to customer needs, research and development and world class quality.

 Macksons Paints, manufacturers of Multilac, commenced operations in 1981 - in 2004, the company obtained SLS standards. In the same year, the company received ISO 9001 certification, confirming its procedures to be on par with the best in the world. 
During a journey that spans 25 years, the Multilac product range, developed to meet changing customer dynamics, has been able to successfully market its specialized surface coatings and high quality paints, taking on global giants, emerging a trail blazer.

Multilac pioneered Colouris France colour bank, which offers the discerning customer of today with an unlimited range of colours to choose from. Show us the colour you have in mind - and we will pack it for you in a tin, to be painted on a surface you like, transforming your surroundings and your living spaces.

In recognition of its outstanding achievements, Multilac has been rewarded many a time. Awarded the Export Brand of the Year, the Best Sri Lankan Enterprise and the Presidential Export Award, Multilac has remained at the pinnacle, as Sri Lanka’s largest exporter of paint. Multilac products have put Sri Lanka on the map in the surface coatings industry with exports to China, Australia, India, Maldives, Myanmar, Pakistan and the Middle East.  

Multilac’s research and development team works with the leading chemical giants such as BASF and Beyer of Germany, Rohm and Haas of USA,Good Year Pliolite and Eliokem of France. 
Multilac is the clear choice for those seeking to incorporate quality and long lasting durability into their surface protection. The country’s M1 contractors use Multilac for high quality and delivery. 

Macksons is a powerhouse of talent and creativity. We provide employment to over 500 personnel, each selected for outstanding commitment, determination and skills. From paint industry specialists and research personnel who form the very core of our operations to production, marketing and distribution teams, every level of employees has been inculcated with a customer centric doctrine.  

Each of our employees know and understand the value of every customer, anticipating customer needs and fulfilling them in unique and innovative ways. That has always been the thinking behind every product we have developed, every product that we have introduced to the market. 

Our people understand the importance of delivering high quality, customer focused surface solutions that do a job they are expected to do.

Macksons is an equals opportunity employer, providing on-the-job training and supporting skills development, rewarding performance and encouraging and fostering talent, providing career enhancement opportunities. A committed team who are driven by a passion to be the best, form the backbone of our company.  

They are behind Macksons emerging as a world class company - they keep the state-of-the-art manufacturing plant operational at its peak, they ensure that the company’s position as the industry leader keeps us attuned to the market needs.

Pioneering a computerized colour matching system.

We introduced computer based colour matching system to the Sri Lankan consumer in 1999 - we were able to take colour matching to a new height with the Spectro photo meter which upgrades the entire process of colour matching from conventional methods such as colour cabinets etc.
This process has enhanced the accuracy of colours , enabling exact colours to be matched , minimizing errors and the possibility of a mismatch. At Multilac, we possess the know-how to match exact colours required by the customers, batch after batch thanks to our top end technology based colour matching system.

Introduction of the Revolutionary Novel concept of the Multilac Colourcom Colour Visualization Software System.

Our factory is also equipped with individual colour matching systems relevant for different areas. 
The Multilac Colourcom Colour Visualization software is a truly revolutionary concept that offers unlimited colour visualization capability based on cutting edge technology, enabling customers to select and apply colours of their choice in real time. The customers can choose colours for their offices or homes by visualizing how it looks on the computer.  An industry first, the Multilac Colourcom System combines the benefits of modern technology with empowering customers to choose colours more accurately. 
The company takes pride in the successful completion of the Alkyd Resin manufacturing plant, which has added a new dimension of manufacturing and enhanced our capacity  as  a state-of-the-art paint and surface coating manufacturing company. 
At Macksons, we have mastered the process of formulating industry specific Resins, using raw material indigenous to Sri Lanka, for the process of manufacturing decorative paints - thus, adding value to local components otherwise considered to be of no value. Our specialized process of manufacturing Alkyd Resin uses rubber seed oil as its base.    
At our factory, the installation and utilization of the latest  “Accelerated Weathering Tester” or the “QPanel” and the installation and utilization of the state of the art “Gretag-Macbeth” vivid colour matching that assures totally accurate colour measuring  with “Colour-Eye 2180” technical device &  components, assure our customers of the top end technology and the newest, industry specific systems used to deliver a globally acceptable range of products.

Having ISO 9001 : 2015 management standards and the Sri Lanka Standards, Multilac has been honoured with the prestigious Green Label Status meant exclusively for eco friendly and high quality products. Multilac's Premium Sheen Emulsion and Weather Guard Ultra contains low VOC levels which ensures high health and safety standards, while keeping the environment clean.

Our customers form the very core of our vision. They add significance to our operations, fuel our fires and keep us wanting to exceed what they expect from world class surface coatings.

We therefore select only the best raw material, and use modern manufacturing processes. At our factory, every product is backed by the promise of uncompromising quality control in conformity with ISO 9001:2015 quality management systems that supports consistent improvement.

Macksons abide by a philosophy of consistent quality in every aspect. From the initial stage of research and development to manufacturing and packaging , every step of the process takes into account the need to ensure the highest possible quality standards in the industry.

Our success as Sri Lanka’s leading exporter of surface coatings has stemmed from that philosophy of quality and reliability.

Best Display on Paint Products 2011.
Construct Exhibition 2011

National Chamber of Exporters of Sri Lanka 2001.
Small Category - Gold Award

National Chamber of Exporters of Sri Lanka 2002.
Large Category - Gold Award

National Chamber of Exporters of Sri Lanka 2003.
Large Category - Gold Award

National Awards for Export Excellence 2003.
Traditional Exports Category - Gold Award

National Chamber of Exporters of Sri Lanka 2004.
Large Category - Silver Award

National Business Excellence Award 2004.
Medium Category - First Runner up

The Ceylon National Chamber of Industries 2004.
National Level Large - Bronze Award

National Chamber of Exporters of Sri Lanka 2005.
Large Category - Silver Award
Best Sri Lankan Brand Exporter Category - Gold Award

National Business Excellence Award 2005
Medium Category - First Runner up

Presidential Export Awards 2005
Non-Traditional Products & Services Category - Chemical & Allied Products Sector

National Business Excellence Award 2006.
Overall Winner - Silver Award
Medium Category - Winner
Manufacturing Sector - Winner

The Ceylon National Chamber of Industries 2006.
National Level Medium - Bronze Award

The Ceylon National Chamber of Industries 2006.
National Level Large - Merit Award

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