Macksons Paints Commenced operations

1990: Common to see desktop computers in homes. Uptake of world wide web


Obtained SLS Standards and ISO Standards

1980: CDROM and Floppy Disks, ZX80 Sinclair. Tetris



1970: Launch of Microsoft, Apple, Commodeore PET


2014 - Received the Green Label Certification

2016 - Global top 3 and 1st in South East Asia to receive the Lead Safe Certification from IPEN - USA

1960: Launch of Intel, HP and BASIC programming language


Multilac is proud to be the Largest Paint Exporter in Sri Lanka and the Pioneer in adding Sri Lanka to the global map of paint exporting Nations.

1950: UNIVAC in production. Lyons tea employs computers for first commercial application. Alan Turing publishes intelligence paper
  • Team

    Macksons is a powerhouse of talent and creativity. We provide employment to over 500 personnel, each selected for outstanding commitment, determination and skills. From paint industry specialists and research personnel who form the very core of our operations to production, marketing and distribution teams, every level of employees has been inculcated with a customer centric doctrine.

    Each of our employees know and understand the value of every customer, anticipating customer needs and fulfilling them in unique and innovative ways. That has always been the thinking behind every product we have developed, every product that we have introduced to the market.

  • Quality

    Having ISO 9001 : 2015 management standards and the Sri Lanka Standards, Multilac has been honoured with the prestigious Green Label Status meant exclusively for eco friendly and high quality products. Multilac's Premium Sheen Emulsion and Weather Guard Ultra contains low VOC levels which ensures high health and safety standards, while keeping the environment clean.

    Our customers form the very core of our vision. They add significance to our operations, fuel our fires and keep us wanting to exceed what they expect from world class surface coatings.

    We therefore select only the best raw material, and use modern manufacturing processes. At our factory, every product is backed by the promise of uncompromising quality control in conformity with ISO 9001:2015 quality management systems that supports consistent improvement.

  • Innovation

    Research and development pioneering the future

    We introduced computer based colour matching system to the Sri Lankan consumer in 1999 - we were able to take colour matching to a new height with the Spectro photo meter which upgrades the entire process of colour matching from conventional methods such as colour cabinets etc. This process has enhanced the accuracy of colours , enabling exact colours to be matched , minimizing errors and the possibility of a mismatch. At Multilac, we possess the know-how to match exact colours required by the customers, batch after batch thanks to our top end technology based colour matching system.

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  • Achievements

    In recognition of its outstanding achievements, Multilac has been rewarded many a time. Awarded the Export Brand of the Year, the Best Sri Lankan Enterprise and the Presidential Export Award, Multilac has remained at the pinnacle, as Sri Lanka’s largest exporter of paint. Multilac products have put Sri Lanka on the map in the surface coatings industry with exports to China, Australia, India, Maldives, Myanmar, Pakistan and the Middle East. Multilac’s research and development team works with the

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  • Exports

    Making the World a More Colorful place, One Project at a Time.

    As the largest paint exporter, we are proud to have put Sri Lanka on the world map by exporting our products to China, Australia, One of our main methods of implementing this is by improving the quality of life in the markets we expand into. Where paint is concerned, a way to succeed in an export market is to be a part of projects in that community.

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