Multilac consumers celebrate colours with Sri Lanka’s largest colour card

A house isn’t a home until you’ve painted it, and when you begin to live in it, that’s when it’s a work of art. With the launch of Sri Lanka’s biggest and most vibrant colour card, Multilac helps you create the atmosphere, set the tone, define your moods, show your personality and, above all, induce happiness to your lifestyle.  Multilac believes that colours are made for celebration. Its new colour card which has 282 brilliant colours, evokes the wonders of the nature, the pastels of spring, the scopes of the blue seas and space. All bright and vivid colours serve as an inspiration for the  new and normal.  “Life today moves at an alarmingly rapid pace, and at times, unperturbed by human influence. There is so much going on that sometimes we want to turn off. We retreat as fast as we can to our homes to recharge in quiet spaces surrounded by those we love. Throughout this whole process, colour is a defining factor,” said Nilrukshi De Silva, Vice President of Multilac. “Every room in our homes or offices needs to be infused in colours that are less demanding and more soothing or enriching. That’s what we meant to do with the new Multilac colour card” The new Multilac Colour card has a spectrum of colours to suit every personality, room and lifestyle. To-date the company boasts of the biggest and best colour card in the country in the range of emulsion, weather guard and even enamel.  “Colour has always been important, from natural warnings in primitive times to mood enhancers in modern homes, however not everyone knows how to use colours to their advantage. With Multilac’s colour card, we want to offer the discerning consumer a chance to choose,” De Silva added. The brilliant colour combinations were handpicked by Multilac and inspired by nature, travel, lifestyles and current trends. The colour red signifies warmth, energy and adventure that can be best used in dining rooms, while tones of light pink are peaceful and restful for a child’s room. Orange infuses a sense of calm, balance and security in living rooms while blue is associated with calming and soothing properties commonly used in bedrooms, bathrooms and study rooms.  Yellow tones which are ideal for bedrooms and bathrooms are for the stress-free spaces while lilac which is used mostly in bedrooms signify creativity and joy. The colour card also has a variety of delicate pastels such as Easter, spring, tea parties  and so on. One of the unique selling points is that the paints have been made of the highest quality pigments that will last longer without discoloration or fading for an elegant and grand finish.  According to the Pantone Color Institute, the world leader in forecasting colour trends, 2016 has been dedicated to twin tones, rose quartz and serenity. According to Pantone, consumers are now seeking mindfulness and well-being as an antidote to modern day stresses. The twin tones welcoming colours that psychologically fulfill our yearning for reassurance and security are becoming more prominent. Multilac has both colours featured on its card and advices consumers to choose well and wisely.  Sri Lanka’s largest paint exporter with the largest colour bank and strongest dealer network, Multilac dominates the local market and is 100 percent truly Sri Lankan. Through its corporate mission, Multilac thrives and progresses to command leadership in the decorative and auto paint sectors. Multilac has received the ISO, SLS standards, the Green Label certification and the CIOB Green Mark Award.