Mind Over Colour

Feeling stressed and anxious all the time? Well, you’re not alone! The majority of individuals in today’s context face the same struggles as you do daily. Studies have shown it’s not just external environmental factors and situations that can be the root cause of stress and anxiety, but your very own home environment as well. Did you know that mild pastoral colours can bring calmness into your home and gently steer your mind to a state of relaxation?

Colours are all around us, and from a young age, we associate them with our emotions and senses. For example, we often associate the colours light blue and pink with children’s nurseries, and as we grow up, these colours evoke a sense of serenity and have the ability to calm us down. Further, our minds are trained to perceive the colour red as significant and often puts us in a state of heightened awareness. (E.g., The siren of an ambulance, red traffic lights, red stop signs, the use of red in warning labels, etc.)

Let’s look at 6 calming and energetic colours that we recommend, to not only brighten up your home but also create a calming, stress-free, positive environment.

  • Blue’s Away –
    Blue is often associated with calmness and being gentle on the eyes. Blue, to many, can be the most soothing colour of them all, the colour that brightens up your room, putting you on cloud nine. Tests have proven that blue often slows down one's heartbeat and lowers blood pressure, which is why you’d often see it at cafés and spas. It is advisable to go for neutral, soft shades of blue, combined with a dash of white; this colour duo will surely bring a sense of nirvana into your home.

  • Sinking into Pink –
    Associated with tranquility, peace and most importantly love, never underestimate the power of pink! Pink nullifies anger and resentment like Cupid's arrow through your heart, soothing any negativity from your space. Soft pink shades are advised, with a mixture of white and a dash of ebony to transform your space into a chic palace of love and peace.

  • Less mean with Green –
    Simulating nature, green often is the colour of quietness. Green has the ability to take your mind away from the hustle and bustle of the city and into the wilderness, bringing back memories of your most scenic experiences. After a stressful day at work, your green space, combined with a mixture of white and wooden brown, can work magic on your senses.

  • Never Mellow with Yellow –
    The colour of energy and positivity, yellow truly brings out the best in us. Seeing yellow at the start of your day can give you the boost you need to kickstart those Monday mornings. This colour is a constant reminder that there’s always a bright side to everything as we navigate our stressful lifestyles. The colour is often painted in the kitchen and spaces where one often exerts a high amount of energy, to keep you motivated and active. 

  • Dreaming’ with Grey –
    The very essence of laziness, and with a cooling presence, grey brings balance into our lives and is often the colour of intellect. Classic, dignified and neutral, grey is the perfect colour for your own personal space. Mixed with white, the colour transforms your space into a luxurious yet relaxed environment for you to simply melt away into your own activities. 

  • Excite with White –
    Representing purity and new beginnings, white is often used in office spaces as it brings clarity to our thoughts. The colour represents safety and security, and harmoniously blends with any other colour to bring happiness into your home. Although the hardest to maintain, to some, the colour white also evokes a sense of responsibility - to look after and care for our environment. To others, white is simply a canvas in which to explore their creativity and artistic desires.

We understand light colours are hard to maintain, however, all Multilac paint products are infused with UVR Plus Nano Technology, to provide you with quality long-lasting happiness.