Brush Master

Looking to paint your own house? But you’re not quite sure how to accurately use a paint brush? Don’t worry! Today we’re going to show you the right way to use a paint brush like a pro.

 Loading the Paint

First things first: let’s talk about loading the paint brush. Remember not to dip the entire brush into the paint bucket as too much paint can cause dripping on your walls. Dip the brush as to only soak the tip, ideally 1/3 of the bristles, and give a few taps of the brush against the bucket.

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Pro Tip: Do not scrape the paint off as this can result in too much paint being dragged off, leaving your brush strokes dry and smudgy.


Now remember, paint brushes are great for cutting-in as you have more control in those tight corners. Cutting-in means using the brush to paint the edges and corners of a wall, where using rollers would be clumsier. Your paint strokes must be side to side and not up and down, this is to keep the paint from dripping.

Pro Tip: For even tighter spots, you may use only the edge of the brush giving you even more control of your brush strokes.

Wider Spaces

Ideally, when painting wider spaces, it’s best you use a roller brush with a tray; however, if one is not available to you, here are a few techniques to help you paint with a brush.

Hold the brush at a 45-degree angle and paint diagonally, left to right or right to left. After you’ve covered a reachable space, start painting horizontally and cover up any unpainted areas. Painting over a large area might result in some dripping, but do not worry - simply run your brush over them before the drip dries up.

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 So Smooth!

Now that the hard part is over, simply smoothen it out! Run the brush lightly across the painted area to even out the paint distribution. This action eliminates visible paint strokes and gives the wall a smoother finish.

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Now that you’re done, sit back, relax and be amazed at what you’ve accomplished with your handy paint brush. To make your job even simpler, we recommend Multilac’s very own range of premium quality paint brushes from either our Deluxe, Gold or Luxury ranges, combined with Multilac Premium Emulsion (export quality) paint, giving your home the best transformation. This alkali & fungus resistant emulsion is formulated using light-fast pigments which will last longer by decorating and protecting the surface. 

Multilac paints are also the only paint in Sri Lanka with IPEN lead safe certification, making spaces safer for you and your loved ones.