Multilac rewarded again with Lead Safe Certification from IPEN

Multilac has been rewarded yet again with the Lead Safe certification from IPEN America, the international pollutants elimination network, which is a global network of NGOs dedicated to the common aim of eliminating pollutants such as lead in paint. IPEN, the prestigious UN accredited body has awarded Multilac with the lead safe certification for a second time. Multilac is the first and only paints company in Sri Lanka, as well as South Asia to be certified lead safe. A title Multilac carries with certification, for their entire range of paints and coatings, and not simply a statement mentioned on their buckets, to mislead the consumer. Lead levels in paint need to be adhered to, as no standardisation leading to dangerous levels of lead, can be hazardous to the environment and detrimental to health. The WHO has pointed out that paints consisting of lead can cause critical health issues to kids and expectant mothers.  It has been prescribed in line with the local paint manufacturing standards that the amount of lead which could be in Solvent Base Paint is 600ppm and in water base paint 90ppm. International research reveals that there is zero amount of lead in many brands of Multilac.  Multilac, a product of the Sri Lankan soil brings pride to Sri Lanka in the global arena, by exporting to countries such as USA, Australia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Maldives, Myanmar, amongst others. The one hundred per cent Sri Lankan owned and operated entity brings much needed foreign currency into the Sri Lankan economy, uplifting livelihoods whilst preserving the environment. It is also a significant milestone that Multilac receives this certification in 2020, when Macksons Holdings (Pvt) Ltd to which Multilac belongs, completes its 5th decade in its successful journey. Multilac has always valued its stakeholders, and is always committed to the movement of uplifting the lives of people, and is working to bring all paint products of Sri Lanka to the lead safety standard it practices. Multilac obtained the IPEN certification in 2016, being one of the three successful companies in the South Eastern Region who secured it.