A guide to choosing office paint colors


Office Hues

A guide to choosing office colours

The secret to a productive working environment is often sought after, but maybe all you needed was a brush and a paint bucket to energize and revitalize your employees from within the office. Environment plays a major role in your overall positive energy and thereby, productivity.
Let’s look at 5 colours that can change those office blues.

Dull White
Now, we know the word “dull” has already got you thinking that this is not going to work out, but the colour is not just easy on the eyes; it also helps keep your stress levels at a minimum. Dull white provides a restful vibe to your office environment while enhancing any other colour that you decide to decorate with.

Hague Blue
If you're looking for a dark, bold colour, look no further. Hague blue simply cosies you up and takes your mind into the deep. This colour is beyond relaxing and is a hot pick for progressive office spaces with high stress environments. This modern colour is best paired with white, grey or wooden décor.

Chartreuse Green
Energetic and invigorating, this colour boosts office morale and creativity. Chartreuse green keeps your mind alive and energized wherever you look and is perfect for high paced, highly creative spaces. The colour is best paired with white décor; the combination results in an inviting space, bursting with energy.

Mustard Yellow
This toned-down yellow provides an inspiring tone for anyone working within. Although not too calming and not too energetic, this colour provides the perfect balance for thinkers and philosophers to ponder around in. It is best paired with grey and white décor to give a modern feel in a rather mindful environment.

Industrial Grey 
Did you know that grey helps our brain solve problems much faster? The physiological effects of grey have been studied for years by colour experts. This is the most common colour in meeting rooms and common spaces. Industrial grey is best paired with white, wooden shades and even darker greys.