How to Hang Picture Frames and Décor Without Damaging Your Walls

We all love to maintain our beautiful walls for as long as possible without causing any damage, but we also love to keep our home vibrant with family photos and other décor. Here’s a few tips on how you can do both while maintaining your wall paint.

Use Decals and Not Posters

Kids love posters, may it be their favorite band, movie or celebrity, however when the time comes to take them off, they tend to ruin your walls in the process. When posters are taken off, they tend to rip the paint layer along with the adhesive, leaving your walls ugly, uneven and in need of a fresh coat. Decals use semi-permanent adhesive, making them ideal for posting them up on your walls as they cause no damage with taken out.

Hooks and Velcro with Removable Adhesive for your Décor

You can add a little removable adhesive on the surface to the wall area of the hook or velcro strip and then paste it to the wall. Then simply paste the item to another velcro strip or attach the hook ring to the item and there you go. This is the go-to option if you are renting a home and do not want your décor to cause any damage to your landlord's walls.

Using Putty

This is the best alternative to nails and highly effective, with this option you also can change it up by changing your picture or décor locations without having to keep drilling holes in your walls. This method is often used in school classrooms and is a hot trend among the younger generation, giving them the freedom to constantly change their living space.

Too Little Too Late?

If you’ve already damaged your walls and looking for a fresh start, don’t worry we got your back! Multilac interior and exterior wall putty is an acrylic water-based putty used for filling blemishes, cracks on masonry surfaces and patching up surface imperfections. Simply scoop some putty with your putty knife and apply it on the damaged area or hole. Then scoop away any excess putty with your knife and wait for around 5-6 hours. Once hardened sandpaper the putty to smoothen it out, and wipe with a damp cloth to get all the dirt and once dry paint away.