What Are Neutral Colours?

Neutral colours are essential in providing your walls with the perfect base to unleash your creativity. If your indoor wall colours are too vibrant your options are limited when it comes to décor or certain textures. Homeowners are now taking a toned-down approach in colouring their walls as it often provides more options for them in terms of styling and setting the right ambiance.


While vibrant colours provide an energetic and lively vibe, neutral colours are calming and provide your home with a relaxed atmosphere. These colours are easy on the eyes and can be paired easily with other neutral or pascal colours of your choice. Combining two or three neutral colours can transform your living space into a modern cozy den. Neutral colours also make your home seem more spacious and less crowded changing your perception on space.


Neutral colours are the base of modern living spaces, these colours are often used in high society rooms and ultra-modern holiday homes. The colours provide a refined style when combined with art, antique or chic furnishings. Home stylists have also been known to play around with different textures and floor patterns to satisfy one's own personal style and personality. No modern home is complete without a base of neutral colours that bring out our priceless décor and textures.


We often get asked if one has a vibrant personality and loves lively colours, will applying neutral colours be a big mistake? The answer is simple, neutral colours speaks volumes in terms of colours and can be applied on your wall as a base for a lovely mural to follow with or art that can satisfy you. Neutral colours go well with any style and you can mix and match what works for you perfectly all the while expressing your creativity and personality perfectly with these colours.

How Do I Find Out More?
Multilac colour banks are the perfect one stop shop for all your paint needs and at gathering information. Our colour experts are all too willing to assist you in finding the perfect colour that suits you. Simply go to the nearest colour bank near you for all your home improvement needs.