Multilac-The First Paint Brand To Receive Green Label Certification

Multilac announced their latest achievement of being certified as the safest product to be used in Premium Emulsion and Weather Guard by qualifying for the GLS certification (Green Label Certification) issued by the Green Building Council in Sri Lanka.  Commencing operations in 1981, Macksons Paints-manufacturer of Multilac paints has been in existence for over 30 years in Sri Lanka. Multilac's product range, developed to meet changing customer dynamics, has been able to successfully market its specialised surface coatings and high quality paints. In recognition of its achievements, Multilac has been rewarded many a time as the Export Brand of the Year, the Best Sri Lankan Enterprise and the Presidential Export Award. The Company is proud of this achievement. Now Multilac consumers can be rest assured regarding the safety of their families, children and their loved ones in their households from the harmful effects of toxic paints. For a long time Multilac products have been manufactured adhering to stringent quality standards ensuring that the products are free of harmful chemicals such as lead and other heavy metals. Today the brand has achieved another milestone in taking a step forward as a totally environment friendly (Green) and safe product to be used in households. A fully owned Sri Lankan company, Multilac is affiliated with major International companies who supply high quality raw materials while maintaining strict environmental standards. Further, this achievement is a reward that reflects Multilac's commitment to quality, safety, environmental standards and the health of our consumers, employees and the general public throughout our existence.