Christmas Colour Palettes

Looking for amazing Christmas colour palettes to decorate your home? Well, we at Multilac have put together a few colours that will surely bring out the spirit of Christmas to your home this season.

The Classics
For as long as Christmas has been celebrated these colours are painted and been used to celebrate the season all month long. Red, Green and Gold are an all-time favorite classical combination that brings warmth and a rustic celebratory feeling when combined together. Against a white, grey or even black setting these colours stand out and brings festive joy to your home.

Modern Christmas

Shades of White and Red are a safe and easy colour combination to play around in your home. These colours also bring a sense of simplicity and sophistication. The red easily stands out and signals the beginning of festivities.

Christmas Blues
If you’re thinking of breaking away from the norm and looking for more of a cool tone, these shades of blue and beige create a calming Christmas atmosphere within your home. These colours also go great when mixed with a white wall backdrop or any other pastel colours. These colours also go great when mixed with a white wall backdrop or any other light pascal colours.

Royal Christmas

An all-time favourite among most households, these colours are an extremely elegant colour palette. These rich colours overtake your home and lets you indulge in a Christmas fit for a royal family. These colours are well executed when done against darker backdrops.

Pink Christmas
A colour combination fit for a chic and rustic setting, these colours are very modern and scream femininity. When pulled off correctly they can create an undeniably breathtaking festive setting.

Bright and Purple
?Although not the first colour that comes into mind when you think of Christmas, purple was once the most sought after and decorated by only the richest of folk back in the day. Although hard to pull off and if done wrong can darken a space, pulled off correctly these colours can liven up your home and offer a unique take on the season.

Green and Gold
Green and gold are often the colours of luxury and indeed what a luxurious Christmas these colours can signify when combined in the right manner. This colour combination is glittery and can have the ability to perfectly blend in with each other, like two synchronized dancers performing the perfect waltz.

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