Modern Nursery Paint Ideas

We’re going to let you in on a little secret on colour aspirations for your little one’s nursery. Since there are a lot of options to choose from, we’d like to help you pick a colour that’ll help your baby’s emotional wellbeing. Colours have an effect on us as adults and as babies as well, colour therapy have been used for years to evoke feelings and give your baby a sense of soothing.

Pascal Pink

A mild hue that is sophisticated and elegant in its own right. This colour is easily paired with most retail baby products which are white, grey, baby blue and pink. The colour provides a warm atmosphere that babies and mothers find calming.

Soft Black

Not just for the goths, black is a very modern and progressive colour that brings depth into a space. It’s also a colour that can help your baby find a sense of calming and peaceful. Black goes great when mixed with white and gold, instantly offering a setting fit for a baby prince.

Dark Shades of Green

The colour of earth and nature, green is a breathtaking colour that bring your baby one step closer to nature. Dark green may not be the freshest but it’s a moody colour that at the same time set’s a glamourous tone to your nursery.


White has many undertones and is a blank canvas for an endless imagination of décor ideas. White also has the ability to brighten up a nursery and make the space seem livelier. Different shades of white can also be used to complement each other and provide more depth to your nursery.


Oceanic Blue

A serene colour with a relaxing tone, this colour creates a tropical dreamy atmosphere where your baby can thrive in. Accompanied with creamy or white colour tones this blue also works well with most baby retail products in the background.


The colour of energy and good vibes, similar to white yellow brightens up your nursery with a burst of freshness added to it. Seeing your baby’s smile in a brightly painted room will surely create memories that’ll last a lifetime.

We really hope we helped you find your right nursery colour, for more options you’re most welcome at any Multilac Colour bank where our colour experts are always willing to assist and help you in finding your colour.