How to pick the right colour for your walls?

Ever wondered how you can give your home a new look with the ideal paint colour that enhances and energizes the overall mood and style of the space? Well look no further, as our team of experts will guide you through on how to make your dream home a possibility.
There are a range of colour options to choose from and sometimes picking the right colour and shade can be a tough decision. The best way to start is to select a colour that you love. Your favourite colour changes the perception of how you want your home to look and with it as a foundation, you can then build a colour scheme around it. 

The Purpose 

The primary factor before choosing a colour to paint your interior is to analye the purpose of the space. Who and for what is the space used for? Are you painting a kid’s room or an office space? You may want to choose a light and calm colour where your kids could aspire and grow. A workspace revamp might require warm colours that create a learning environment where your thoughts settle in peace. Your bedroom is where you can have your own vibe, cool, dark or moody colours can be your go to option.

Get Inspiration Around You

Get inspired by things around you to create a space you love. Social media platforms like Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook can influence you to pick the right colour. Whether you choose a beach blue hue or a firewood orange, inspirations around you are meant to create a restful space you want. 

The Lighting

Light determines how a colour should appear. Ensure you analyze your lighting right before choosing the paint colour. A forest green colour might look amazing when the sun is shining but the same colour could give a darker tone at night. This is because different light temperatures could reveal different shades of a paint colours that we might forget to take note while choosing a sample. Paint types can also vary under different lighting. A gloss sheen paint reflects light back and shines, but a matte finish absorbs more light and provides a more realistic appearance. 

Be Consistent 

Experimenting your rooms with fully different colours on each is not advisable since there should be a connection between one another to deliver an overall finish. The best way to do this is by making the basic colour theme that you have chosen to lead the way and develop shades around it to add its unique essence to your interiors.