Macksons Skim Coat is more than just a filler. It is a durable and reliable solution for interior wall surfaces. It's high breathability and dehumidifying properties make it perfect for use in humid environments. Macksons Skim Coat has excellent adhesion to the substrate, making it resistant to bad weather, UV rays, salty air, and sulfur exposure. 

It can be applied manually or by machine on damp surfaces, saving you time and effort. This versatile skim coat can correct uneven surfaces, providing a smooth and even base for painting. Its abrasion resistance makes it suitable for high-traffic areas, and it can be painted with any type of masonry paint. Additionally, it does not crack, ensuring that your surfaces remain flawless for years to come. With Macksons Interior Skim Coat, you can achieve a professional and polished finish on your interior walls.

Multilac skim coat

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